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Radar Life Demo

Bachelor Project
Announcement date
17 Oct 2019
Research Areas

Short Description:

Radar systems provide information about object distances, velocities and positions. Object detection is a safety critical task for automotive applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or autonomous driving. The time domain signal as received by an FMCW/CS radar system is processed according to the typical radar signal processing chain; the result is a range-Doppler Map. These data contains peaks at the observed object’s distances and velocities together with noise, clutter and possibly interference from other radars.

The task is to design and implement a functional life demo application, which contains a nice GUI interface including basic control elements (e.g. to start measurements or navigate through time steps of the measurement results) as well as visualizations of radar data in different processing steps and a camera image as reference.


  • Design and develop a nice GUI interface
  • Integrate communication with the radar hardware to start a new measurement (code in Matlab exists)
  • Perform basic data processing steps of the measurement data
  • Visualize data in each step of the processing


  • Good programming skills in Python
  • Programming skills in Matlab advantageous but not necessary
  • Interest in developing GUI/Web applications interacting with hardware
  • Interest in code quality and code reusability