Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory


In 2000, the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (SPSC Lab) of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) was founded as a research and education center in nonlinear signal processing and computational intelligence, algorithm engineering, as well as circuits & systems modeling and design. It covers applications in wireless communications, speech/audio communication, and telecommunications.

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The Research of SPSC Lab addresses fundamental and applied research problems in five scientific areas:

Result of the Month

Multipath-based SLAM Exploiting AoA and Amplitude Information [link]

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is important in many fields including robotics, autonomous driving, location-aware communication, and robust indoor localization. Specifically, robustness, i.e. achieving a low probability of localization outage, is still a challenging task in environments with strong multipath propagation. Therefore, new systems supporting multipath channels either take advantage of it by exploiting multipath components (MPCs) for localization [5], [6], [10], exploiting cooperation among agents, and/or exploiting robust signal processing against multipath propagation and clutter measurements in general.

Contact: Erik Leitinger

Latest News

Check out INTERSPEECH 2019, the 20th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, which will be held in Graz, Austria between 15 and 19 September, 2019.

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01 May 2018 PhD Positions in Wireless Communications and Positioning

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