In 2000, the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (SPSC Lab) of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) was founded as a research and education center in nonlinear signal processing and computational intelligence, algorithm engineering, as well as circuits & systems modeling and design. It covers applications in wireless communications, speech/audio communication, and telecommunications.

The Research of SPSC Lab addresses fundamental and applied research problems in five scientific areas:


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Belief propagation is an iterative method to perform approximate inference on arbitrary graphical models. Whether it converges and if the solution is a unique fixed point depends on both, the structure and the parametrization of the model. To understand this dependence it is interesting to find all fixed points.
We formulate a set of polynomial equations, the solutions of which correspond to BP fixed points. Experiments on binary Ising models show how our method is capable of obtaining all fixed points.