Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory


In 2000, the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (SPSC Lab) of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) was founded as a research and education center in nonlinear signal processing and computational intelligence, algorithm engineering, as well as circuits & systems modeling and design. It covers applications in wireless communications, speech/audio communication, and telecommunications.

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The Research of SPSC Lab addresses fundamental and applied research problems in five scientific areas:

Result of the Month

Training Discrete-Valued Neural Networks with Sign Activations Using Weight Distributions [link]

Since resource-constrained devices hardly benefit from the trend towards ever-increasing neural network (NN) structures, there is growing interest in designing more hardware-friendly NNs. In this paper, we consider the training of NNs with discrete-valued weights and sign activation functions that can be implemented more efficiently in terms of inference speed, memory requirements, and power consumption. We build on the framework of probabilistic forward propagations using the local reparameterization trick, where instead of training a single set of NN weights we rather train a distribution over these weights. Using this approach, we can perform gradient-based learning by optimizing the continuous distribution parameters over discrete weights while at the same time perform backpropagation through the sign activation. In our experiments, we investigate the influence of the number of weights on the classification performance on several benchmark datasets, and we show that our method achieves state-of-the-art performance.

Contact: Wolfgang Roth

Latest News

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