Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory

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In 2000, the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (SPSC Lab) of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) was founded as a research and education center in nonlinear signal processing and computational intelligence, algorithm engineering, as well as circuits & systems modeling and design. It covers applications in wireless communications, speech/audio communication, and telecommunications.

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The Research of SPSC Lab addresses fundamental and applied research problems in five scientific areas:

Result of the Month

Developing an Annotation System for Communicative Functions for a Cross-Layer ASR System [link]

The investigation of conversational speech requires the close collaboration of linguists and speech technologists to develop new modeling techniques that allow the incorporation of various knowledge sources. This paper presents a progress report on the ongoing interdisciplinary project “Cross-layer language models for conversational speech” with a focus on the development of an annotation system for communicative functions. We discuss the requirements of such a system for the application in ASR as well as for the use in phonetic studies of talk-in-interaction, and illustrate emerging issues with the example of turn management.

Contact: Barbara Schuppler, Anneliese Kelterer