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October 2021
Developing an Annotation System for Communicative Functions for a Cross-Layer ASR System
August 2021
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Massive MIMO Fingerprint-Based Positioning
July 2021
A Message Passing based Adaptive PDA Algorithm for Robust Radio-based Localization and Tracking
June 2021
Complex-valued Convolutional Neural Networks for Enhanced Radar Signal Denoising and Interference Mitigation
May 2021
Resource-Efficient Deep Neural Networks for Automotive Radar Interference Mitigation
April 2021
Data Fusion for Multipath-Based SLAM
March 2021
Detection and Estimation of a Spectral Line in MIMO Systems
February 2021
Detection and Tracking of Multipath Channel Parameters Using Belief Propagation
January 2021
Differentiable TAN Structure Learning for Bayesian Network Classifiers
December 2020
Quantized Neural Networks for Radar Interference Mitigation
November 2020
Towards building a cross-lingual speech recognition system for Slovenian and Austrian German
October 2020
Modeling Human Body Influence in UWB Channels
September 2020
Reliability and Threshold-Region Performance of TOA Estimators in Dense Multipath Channels
August 2020
Information-Criterion-Based Agent Selection for Cooperative Localization in Static Networks
July 2020
CNNs for Interference Mitigation and Denoising in Automotive Radar Using Real-World Data
June 2020
Computational Lung Sound Analysis using Deep Learning
May 2020
Phonation type contrasts and tone in Chichimec
April 2020
Learning a Behavior Model of Hybrid Systems Through Combining Model-Based Testing and Machine Learning
March 2020
Deep Structured Mixtures of Gaussian Processes
February 2020
Acoustic Scene Classification Using Deep Mixtures Of Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks
January 2020
Recurrent Dilated DenseNets for a Time-Series Segmentation Task
December 2019
Bayesian Learning of Sum-Product Networks
November 2019
Prosodic effects on plosive duration in German and Austrian German
October 2019
Training Discrete-Valued Neural Networks with Sign Activations Using Weight Distributions
September 2019
Complex Signal Denoising and Interference Mitigation for Automotive Radar Using Convolutional Neural Networks
August 2019
Belief Propagation Accurate Marginals or Accurate Partition Function
July 2019
Multipath-based SLAM Exploiting AoA and Amplitude Information
June 2019
Analytical Investigation of Non-Coherent Mutual FMCW Radar Interference
May 2019
Bayesian Neural Networks with Weight Sharing Using Dirichlet Processes
April 2019
On the use of acoustic features for automatic disambiguation of homophones in spontaneous German
March 2019
Single-Anchor, Multipath-Assisted Indoor Positioning with Aliased Antenna Arrays
February 2019
SALMA: UWB-based Single-Anchor Localization System using Multipath Assistance
January 2019
Overcoming Covariance Matrix Phase Sensitivity in Single-Channel Speech Enhancement with Correlated Spectral Components
December 2018
Computer-aided Lung Sound Analysis for the Diagnosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - A First Study
November 2018
Rethinking Reduction: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Conditions, Mechanisms, and Domains for Phonetic Variation
October 2018
A Simple and Effective Framework for A Priori SNR Estimation
September 2018
Heart Sound Segmentation—An Event Detection Approach Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
August 2018
Hybrid Generative-Discriminative Training of Gaussian Mixture Models
June 2018
AoA and ToA Accuracy for Antenna Arrays in Dense Multipath Channels
May 2018
On the Unimportance of Phase-Coherent Measurements for Beampattern-Assisted Positioning
April 2018
Acoustic Design of a Recording Room
March 2018
Anchorless Cooperative Tracking Using Multipath Channel Information
February 2018
A Pitch-Synchronous Simultaneous Detection-Estimation Framework for Speech Enhancement
January 2018
Competitive Linearity for Envelope Tracking
December 2017
Frame and Segment Level Recurrent Neural Networks for Phone Classification
November 2017
A Rate-Distortion Approach to Caching
October 2017
On Loopy Belief Propagation -- Local Stability Analysis for Non-Vanishing Fields
September 2017
Multipath-assisted Indoor Positioning Enabled by Directional UWB Sector Antennas
August 2017
SLIC EVM - Error Vector Magnitude without Demodulation
July 2017
Impact of phase estimation on single-channel speech separation based on time-frequency masking
June 2017
UHF-RFID Backscatter Channel Analysis for Accurate Wideband Ranging
May 2017
Eigenvector-based Speech Mask Estimation for Multi-Channel Speech Enhancement
April 2017
Low-cost or compost? Using DecaWave UWB Transceivers for High-accuracy Multipath-assisted Indoor Positioning
March 2017
A Noise Power Ratio Measurement Method for Accurate Estimation of the Error Vector Magnitude
February 2017
Variational Inference in Neural Networks using an Approximate Closed-Form Objective
January 2017
Fixed Points of Belief Propagation
December 2016
Iterative Joint MAP Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Given Non-uniform Phase Prior
November 2016
Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication: Theory and Practice
October 2016
Iterative Harmonic Speech Enhancement
September 2016
Virtual Adversarial Training Applied to Neural Higher-Order Factors for Phone Classification
August 2016
A Joint Linearity-Efficiency Model of Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers
July 2016
Localization and Characterization of Multiple Harmonic Sources
June 2016
AMISCO: The Austrian German Multi-Sensor Corpus
May 2016
Advances in Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication
April 2016
MIMO Gain and Bandwidth Scaling for RFID Positioning in Dense Multipath Channels
March 2016
Cognitive Indoor Positioning and Tracking using Multipath Channel Information
February 2016
Multichannel speech processing architectures for noise robust speech recognition: 3rd CHiME Challenge results
January 2016
Adaptive Differential Microphone Arrays used as a Front-End for an Automatic Speech Recognition System
November 2015
Structured Regularizer for Neural HigherOrder Sequence Models
October 2015
On Representation Learning for Artificial Bandwidth Extension
September 2015
Cooperative Multipath-assisted Navigation and Tracking: A Low-Complexity Approach
August 2015
Neural Higher-Order Factors in Conditional Random Fields for Phoneme Classification
July 2015
Automatic detection of uncertainty in spontaneous German dialogue
June 2015
DIRHA - An Application (A Showcase Video)
May 2015
Special Issue: Phase-Aware Signal Processing in Speech Communication
April 2015
Analysis of Message Scheduling for Belief Propagation
March 2015
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Multipath Channel Information
February 2015
Speech/Non-Speech Detection for Electro-Larynx Speech Using EMG
January 2015
Learning Mixtures of Submodular Functions for Image Collection Summarization
December 2014
General Stochastic Networks for Classification
November 2014
Room localization for distant speech recognition
October 2014
SPSC goes Antartica
September 2014
Sum-Product Networks for Structured Prediction: Context-Specific Deep Conditional Random Fields
July 2014
Pronunciation variation in Austrian German: A comparison of read and conversational speech
June 2014
Artificial Bandwidth Extension using Sum-Product Networks
May 2014
Multipath-Assisted Maximum-Likelihood Indoor Positioning using UWB Signals
April 2014
Markov Aggregation and Information Bottlenecks
March 2014
GRASS: The Graz corpus of Read And Spontaneous Speech
February 2014
Coding Efficiency and Efficiency-Linearity Trade-Off of Aliasing-Free PWM Based Burst-Mode RF Transmitters
January 2014
A German Parallel Elctro-Larynx Speech -- Healthy speech corpus
December 2013
Live Demonstration of MINT at IPIN2013
November 2013
Modeling and Identification of Nonideal Ultra‐Wideband Multiplication Devices
October 2013
Sum Product Networks for Reconstructing Missing Data
September 2013
ASR for Electro-Laryngeal Speech
August 2013
Information Preserving Markov Chain Aggregation
July 2013
Performance Bounds for Multipath-Assisted Indoor Localization on Backscatter Channels
June 2013
Communication System Receiver Filter: Searching is better than designing!
May 2013
Double Pitch Marks in Diplophonic Voice
April 2013
Efficiency Optimization for Burst-Mode Multilevel Radio Frequency Transmitters
March 2013
On phase estimation in single-channel speech enhancement and separation
February 2013
Predicting human and ASR classification of plosives by their sub-phonemic properties
January 2013
Aliasing-Free Digital Pulse-Width Modulation for Burst-Mode RF Transmitters
December 2012
Restructuring and Modernization of the SPSC Studio
November 2012
Bayesian Network Classifiers with Reduced Precision Parameters
October 2012
Learning an Artificial F0-Contour for ALT Speech
September 2012
Tracking of UWB Multipath Components Using Probability Hypothesis Density Filters
August 2012
Error Analysis and Precision Estimation for Floating-Point Dot-Products Using Affine Arithmetic
July 2012
Analysis of Nonideal Multipliers for Multichannel Autocorrelation UWB Receivers
June 2012
Beamforming for Distant Speech Recognition in Reverberant Environments and Double-Talk Scenarios
May 2012
Capacity and Capacity-Achieving Input Distribution of the Energy Detector
April 2012
Speech Enhancement Using Pre-Image Iterations
March 2012
A Comparison Between Ratio Detection and Threshold Comparison for GNSS Acquisition
February 2012
A Probabilistic Model-Based Approach for Multipitch Tracking of Speech
January 2012
Coding Efficiency Optimization for Multilevel Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Based Switched-Mode Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitters
December 2011
Detection Results of Spectro-temporal Fragment-based Multiband Position-Pitch (MPoPi) Algorithm
November 2011
Performance Bounds for Multipath-aided Indoor Navigation and Tracking (MINT)
October 2011
Sparse Consensus-based Distributed Field Estimation
September 2011
Characterization of Wideband Backscatter Channels
August 2011
Maximum Margin Bayesian Network Classifiers
July 2011
Correction of Linear Time-varying Systems by Means of Time-varying FIR Filters
June 2011
Monaural Sound Localization
May 2011
Multipath-Aided UWB Indoor Localization using a single Base Station only
April 2011
Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) with L0-sparseness constraints enforces a part-based representation of data.