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Live Demonstration of MINT at IPIN2013

Sun, Dec 01, 2013

At this years’ International Conference on Indoor positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN2013), a real-time demonstration of multipath-assisted indoor navigation and tracking (MINT) has been presented. Using an M-sequence based ultra-wideband (UWB) channel sounder, a mobile user is tracked exploiting the geometric structure of deterministic multipath components (MPCs). The plot shows the hardware setup and a tracking result in a roughly 4x5m room, demonstrating the centimeter-level accuracy.

This demonstration shows the benefits and challenges of this approach: On the one hand, deterministic MPCs carry a significant amount of position-related information that can increase both accuracy and robustness of tracking algorithms. This is especially relevant in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) situations, which are the most important performance impairments for radio-based indoor localization systems still today. On the other hand, the problem is challenging as reliable detection of MPCs and data association are required. This demonstration shows real-time algorithms that allow for systematic exploitation of multipath for indoor positioning and tracking. With this approach, position errors below 10 cm can be achieved in several realistic scenarios.

At the IPIN, the demo was running throughout the whole duration of the conference and attracted much interest from the audience. For more information on the algorithms used, please consult or paper from ENC2013!

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