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Detection and Estimation of a Spectral Line in MIMO Systems

Mon, Mar 01, 2021

We consider the problem of detecting and estimating radio channel dispersion parameters of a single specular multipath component (SMC) embedded in spatially correlated noise from observations collected using a MIMO measurement setup. The corresponding detection threshold versus the false alarm probability is derived from $\chi^2$-random field with two degrees of freedom defined over a 5-dimensional dispersion space using the theoretical framework of the expected Euler characteristic of random excursion sets. We show that the probability of false alarm is in excellent accordance with the relative-frequency of estimating false alarms using a maximum likelihood estimator and detector for acquiring the 5-dimensional dispersion parameter vector of the SMC.

Figure: Results for data generated for a MIMO setup. Comparison of the derived probability of false alarm to the relative frequency of false alarm and a classical bin-based probability of false alarm, and the derived probability of missed detection to the relative frequency of missed detection for three different pairs of dense multipath component power-to-WGN and SNR: -8.01 dB and -8.64 dB, -3.01 dB and -4.77 dB, 1.99 dB and -2.13 dB.

The full version of this paper can be found on Researchgate.

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