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Anneliese Kelterer

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PhD student

Anneliese Kelterer studied general linguistics in Graz (2010-2015, 2018-present) and linguistics and phonetics in Lund (2015-2018). Her research interests are the phonetics and phonology of spontaneous speech, conversational speech, Austrian German varieties and under-described languages. For her master’s thesis, she conducted a field trip to Mexico in 2017 to investigate the phonology of Chichimec (Oto-Manguean family), which was funded by the Birgit Rausing Language Programme. In 2019, she started her PhD on prosody in Austrian conversational speech in the research project Cross-layer language models for conversational speech (supervisor: Dina El Zarka, project leader: Barbara Schuppler).

Research Projects
Student Projects
PhD Theses
  • Conference paper Kelterer A., Wepner S., Christian S., Schuppler B. & Zarka D. (2022) Prosodic cues to agreement and disagreement prefaces in Austrian German conversations. in 1st International Conference on Tone and Intonation (pp. 107-111). [more info] [doi]
  • Abstract Kelterer A., Christian S., Wepner S., Linke J. & Zarka D. (2021) Prosodic cues to agreement and disagreement in "ja" and "nein" prefaces in Austrian German conversations.. [more info]
  • Conference paper Schuppler B. & Kelterer A. (2021) Developing an Annotation System for Communicative Functions for a Cross-Layer ASR System. in DiscAnn 2021: Integrating Perspectives on Discourse Annotation (pp. 14-18). [more info]
  • Conference paper Zarka D., Kelterer A. & Schuppler B. (2020) An analysis of prosodic prominence cues to information structure in Egyptian Arabic. in 21st Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (pp. 1883-1887). [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Linke J., Kelterer A., Dabrowski M., Zarka D. & Schuppler B. (2020) Towards automatic annotation of prosodic prominence levels in Austrian German. in 10th International Conference on Speech Prosody (pp. 1000 - 1004). [more info] [doi]
  • Journal article Kelterer A. & Schuppler B. (2020) Phonation type contrasts and tone in Chichimec. in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 147(4), p. 3043-3059. [more info] [doi]
  • Abstract Kelterer A. & Schuppler B. (2019) Phonationstypen im Chichimeco: akustische Korrelate und Herausforderungen.. [more info]
  • Conference paper Kelterer A. & Schuppler B. (2019) Acoustic Correlates of Phonation Type in Chichimec. in 20th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association: Crossroads of Speech and Language (pp. 1981-1985). [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Kelterer A., Ambrazaitis G. & House D. (2018) Head beats as pitch-accompanying visual correlates of primary and secondary lexical stress: evidence from Stockholm Swedish compounds.. in Tonal Aspects of Languages (TAL), 6th International Symposium (pp. 124 - 128).