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Course "Array Signal Processing" starting end of May 2021

Mon, Mar 01, 2021


Start: 20.05.2021 End: 11.06.2021


Bernard Fleury and Erik Leitinger


The scope addressed in the course is line-spectral estimation using an array of sensors. Line spectral estimation is a fundamental task that is encountered in many scientific and technical disciplines. Examples include direction of arrival estimation using sensor arrays, bearing and range estimation in synthetic aperture radar, channel estimation in wireless communications, monitoring of seismic activity, and simulation of atomic systems in molecular dynamics.

Learning Objectives:

The course aims at initiating the attendees into the most relevant and widely used techniques for line spectral estimation, such as beamforming, MUSIC, ESPRIT, maximum-likelihood estimation, and variational mean field. The learning objectives of the course are threefold: (1) the attendees shall acquire a clear comprehension of the principled derivations of the estimation methods; (2) with this knowledge they should be able to understand the properties (advantages and limitations) of these methods that results from the assumptions underlying their derivation; (3) equipped with these skills they shall be able to apply these estimation methodsto data either generated synthetically (in controlled scenarios) or gathered experimentally, and to give an expert interpretation of the obtained results.