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Burst Detection in Plosives for ASR

Bachelor Project
Seminar Type
Speech Processing, Seminar (3 SE)
Announcement date
04 Mar 2013
Sebastian Grill, André Menrath
Research Areas

Plosives are the speech sounds /t, p, k, d, b, g/. In Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) they are highly relevant for the correct recognition of words. In very careful spoken speech, a plosive consists of a closure, a burst and release friction. In fast, casually spoken speech however, plosives are realized with a high degree of variabiligty (see Figure, cl = closure, fr = friction, mb = multiple bursts). Relevant characteristics of a burst are whether a burst happens or not and at which point in time the burst happens.

The aim of this bachelor project is to use MATLAB to built a burst detector which makes use of the information about slope of the energy of the speech. For this purpose, German read and spontaneous speechdatabases will be used.

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