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Electro-Mechanical Modelling of Dynamic Loudspeakers (März 2021)

Master Project
Announcement date
15 Oct 2020
Markus Faymann
Research Areas


As the demand for high-quality dynamic loudspeaker systems rises, accurate models become more and more important. The need for a precise model becomes especially important at medium and large signal levels or when driving the dynamic loudspeaker below it’s resonance frequency, as it is for example at speakers for mobile phones the case. In the small-signal domain, a linear transfer function describes the input-output relationship completely. But for high amplitudes, dynamic loudspeakers behave differently, which indicates nonlinearities. Those nonlinearities mostly depend on the displacement of the voice coil. In order to extend the validity of the model into the nonlinear domain (not part of this project), accurate prediction of the voice coil displacement is required.

The presented master project is based on the bachelor thesis “Elektroakustische Modellbildung und Optimierung von Lautsprechersystemen” by Florian Loacker-Schöch and refines the electroacoustic model of a dynamic loudspeaker for a more accurate prediction of the performance.

Full Text and additional Material

You can download the full version of the master project here.