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RSS based channel characterization of electronic shelf labels

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Bachelor Project
Seminar Type
Elektro-/Informationstechnisches Seminar/Projekt (2 SE/ 3 PR)
Announcement date
01 Mar 2018
Manuel Brunner
Research Areas

Short Description: Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are nowadays used in many stores, e.g. convenience and electronic stores. The ESLs have an e-ink display and a radio chip, enabling the store manager to update prices and product information wirelessly. Unfortunately, ranging and localization of the ESLs is currently not included. One method to localize labels is based on received signal strengths (RSS) when ESLs are communicating with each other.

Your Tasks:

  • perform measurements using ESLs and custom firmware (available)
  • develop and implement Matlab based evaluation of the measured data
  • update Python based framework to measure larger label populations

Your Profile:

  • motivation and reliability are a prerequisite
  • knowledge in Matlab and Python programming