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Adaptive Differential Beamformer Demo

Master Thesis
Announcement date
07 Oct 2013
Thomas Pichler
Research Areas

Short Description

The goal of this work is to implement beamforming algorithms using just two or three microphones (e.g. [1]). Especially for hearing aids with only very limited space available, this is a common approach. The algorithm should also adaptively place a null at the position of a interfering background noise signal.

For the project the student should – after studying the relevant literature – implement an interactive real-time demo system that demonstrates the properties of different algorithm. The student can build on a current master’s thesis, where the performance of several algorithms has been compared.

For a master’s thesis the scope of the thesis can be extended to study the use of different microphone beam patterns to have an estimate of the noise signal for speech enhancement.

Your Tasks

  • Study of literature
  • Implementation using Matlab
  • Real-time demo

Your Profile

  • Speech Communication 1
  • Adaptive Systems
  • Matlab


[1] G.W. Elko, “A simple adaptive first-order differential microphone,” in in Proceedings of DARPA, Air-Coupled Acoustic Microsensors Workshop, Crystal City, VA., USA, Aug. 1999.