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Absorber für variable Raumakustik

Master Project
Announcement date
10 Apr 2014
Jan Kasim
Research Areas


Often, room acoustic analysis requires a high flexibility on the part of the intended application. To meet these demands, there is a variety of assistive technology to adapt the existing room acoustic conditions for the respective applications. The aim of this work is to develop an acoustic element, which permits an alteration of the room acoustics by purely mechanical intervention. In addition to the basic theoretical considerations, the existing market principles of variable acoustic elements are discussed. Within the scope of this work, CAD plans will be created based on the measurement results of built-in variable absorbers and insights obtained from impedance tube measurements, which will be ultimately implemented in cooperation with the firm concept-A GmbH, in Munich. The acoustic behaviour of the developed variable Broadband absorber is described using a combination of impedance tube measurements and simulations of multi-layer absorber assemblies.

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