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Franz Graf

Telephone number
  • extern: +43 316 876 1631
Student Projects
  • Conference paper Pokorny F., Graf F., Pernkopf F. & Schuller B. (2015) Detection of Negative Emotions in Speech Signals Using Bags-of-Audio-Words. in Intern. Workshop on Automatic Sentiment Analysis in the Wild - part of Intern. Conf. on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) (pp. x-x). [more info]
  • Conference paper Pokorny F., Graf F. & Pernkopf F. (2014) Erkennung negativer Emotionen in Sprachsignalen mittels Bags-of-Audio-Words. in Deutsche Jahrestagung für Akustik (pp. x-x). [more info]