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Acoustic Enhancement Systems

Bachelor Project
Announcement date
27 Aug 2009
Fabio Kaiser
Research Areas


This Bachelor thesis takes a closer look on acoustic enhancement systems, developed since the 50’s of the last century. Synonym for such systems could be electro-acoustic enhancement systems or active acoustic systems. This thesis starts with a recapitulation of what’s important in the matter of spatial hearing. It continuous by examining the most important aspects of room acoustics. The reader experienced in these topics can skip the first two chapters and go directly to Chapter 4. In this Chapter, acoustic enhancement systems are explored. Every part of a system is examined and some energy considerations are made. An emphasis is put on the issues of feedback and reverberation generation. Chapter 5 illustrates developed systems of the past and the present. This thesis constitutes an overview of acoustic enhancement systems and shows what these systems are about and what they are capable of.

Full Text & Additional Material

The bachelor thesis can be downloaded here.


As in 2011 the Acoustics and Audio Group moved from the Institute of Broadband Communications (IBK) to the Signal Processing and Speech Communications Laboratory (SPSC), the puplishing location of this thesis also was transfered from the IBK to the SPSC-website.