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Interpolation Filters for the GNURadio+USRP2 Platform

Master Project
Announcement date
07 Sep 2011
Hermann Kureck
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The USRP2 platform is a typical Software Defined Radio system which can be used for transmitting and receiving various kinds of signals. Usable frequency ranges depend on the used daughterboards. For transmitting 802.11a/g and 802.11p signals for example the GNURadio implementation can be used. In this case interpolation factors of 5 and 10 are required. The interpolation of the signal is done on the FPGA to convert the sampling rate to the one used by the DA-Converter. Because of poor frequency responses when using odd interpolation factors, where only simple CIC-Filters are used for interpolation, a new interpolation filter which interpolates by a factor of 5 was implemented on
the FPGA using the hardware description language Verilog. This report includes analysis of the current TX-chain, design and implementation of the new filter.

Full Text & Additional Material

The project report can be downloaded here.