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Entwurf und Realisierung eines Single-Chip Broadcast Mischers auf einem FPGA

Master Thesis
Announcement date
01 Aug 2007
Voraberger Roland
Research Areas


The aim of this thesis is the implementation of a digital audiomatrix on a simple FPGA. The main functions „fading” and „summing” based on the functionality of a broadcast mixing desk are realized. The solution for the FPGA is compared with other known possible solutions. One major point was the synchronization to the incoming audioformat. Audio is connected to the device via ADAT interfaces. Control data is provided by a MIDI input. These interfaces are integrated into the FPGA as a single-chip solution. The fading element needs most of the computing time and hardware resources. The fading function is simulated in several FPGA devices of different generations. Also a bitserial solution is also shown. The integrated hardware multipliers scale up the performance of newer generation FPGAs. The shown solution does not require full capacity of the device. The remaining hardware could be used for expanding the input channel number and/or could be used for an integration of hardware controls like rotary encoders. This would be enough to realize a simple broadcast mixing desk.

Full Text and additional Material

You can download the full version of the diploma thesis here.


As in 2011 the Acoustics and Audio Group moved from the Institute of Broadband Communications (IBK) to the Signal Processing and Speech Communications Laboratory (SPSC), the puplishing location of this thesis also was transfered from the IBK to the SPSC-website.