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Glottal Movement Extraction from High-Speed Videos

Bachelor Project
Announcement date
01 Oct 2012
Christoph Aigner
Research Areas

Short description

From a medical point of view, patients suffering from voice disorders need observation of the vocal folds’ oscillation patterns. The vocal folds’ movement is recorded with an endoscopic high-speed camera. The video is then analysed to quantify the glottal movement. State-of-the-art algorithms need extensive user intervention. This fact is problematic from a scientific perspective: Extensive user interventions lead to great inter-user variability of the analysis results. In order to eliminate this variability the student should review and update these algorithms to allow fully automatic analysis.

Your tasks

  • Review of literature
  • Implementation using MATLAB
  • Evaluation for provided database
  • Documentation

Your profile/prerequisites

  • Matlab
  • Interest in video processing


Philipp Aichinger ( or 01 40400 1167)