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Mobile Multichannel Playback System

In work
Bachelor Project
Seminar Type
Audio Signal Processing, Seminar (3 SE)
Announcement date
11 Oct 2016
Research Areas

Goal of this project is to develop a prototype 3D audio reproduction system that can be placed around a (small) touch screen and play back multichannel audio. You will need to consider loudspeaker placement, amplification, mounting options and an analysis of the feasible number of output channels as a function of device capabilities. Furthermore you will need to investigate appropriate sound spatialization or beamforming algorithms. Prototyping target is an ARM platform (most likely Raspberry-Pi) running LINUX.

This project is available as a Bacheror Thesis or TI-Project (mostly related to the development of the platform) and as a Master Thesis in which you will additionally either need to design, prototype, and evaluate applications for the array you have developed or pereptually evaluate the resulting device.

Useful skills:

  • interest in mobile devices and embedded programming
  • electronics skills
  • 3D Audio and spatial sound perception

Learning Outcomes:

  • 3D Audio programming, design, and evaluation
  • audio electronics
  • mobile and embedded devices development