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Master Thesis
Announcement date
01 Sep 2009
Maurice Müller
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Noise is an everyday stress factor in classrooms, a fact that is confirmed by teachers in numerous studies. This diploma thesis comes on the effects of noise and reverberation time on pupils and teachers in classrooms. After a literature research of the acoustic conditions of the classroom, acoustic measurements were carried out in schools in Graz, a secondary modern school in Trofaiach (Styria) and an elementary school in Wiltz/Luxembourg. Besides, it is checked whether an acoustic classification of the classrooms as a function of the construction year is possible. Measurements of classrooms are carried out in the occupied and unoccupied state as well as by covering of school desks by molton to determine and to compare the equivalent absorption surface of the pupils and the molton. In five corridors reverberation time measurements and sound level measurements are carried out during the breaks. The results show that the acoustics of classrooms in many cases do not fulfill the requirements of the standard and that a rough classification of the classroom acoustics as a function of the year of construction is possible.

Full Text and additional Material

You can download the full version of the diploma thesis here.


As in 2011 the Acoustics and Audio Group moved from the Institute of Broadband Communications (IBK) to the Signal Processing and Speech Communications Laboratory (SPSC), the puplishing location of this thesis also was transfered from the IBK to the SPSC-website.