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Speaker Diarization using a small microphone array

Master Thesis
Announcement date
07 Jun 2021
Research Areas

Short description

A mirophone array at a size that could be plugged into a smartphone is a very convenient solution for recodings of small meetings. Four microphones should be placed in a square with a diameter of approximately 1 cm. The algorithm should separate 2-4 speakers who sit around the microphone array. The position of the speakers can be assumed fixed. The performance should be benchmarked with a commercially available product.

Your Tasks

  • Implementation of the speaker diarization in Matlab, Python or Julia.
  • Recording of a small test database.
  • Evaluation of the algorithm.

Your Profile/Prerequisites

  • Motivation and interest in the topic.
  • Solid Background in Signal Processing.
  • Experience with either Matlab, Python or Julia.


Martin Hagmüller ( or 0316-873 4377)