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Parametrization of a Transducer for EL Speech Production

Master Thesis
Announcement date
01 Apr 2014
Linda Ines Lüchtrath
Research Areas

Short description

The electro-larynx (EL) is a hand-held, battery-driven device. It is one possibility to regain speech for people who had to undergo an operation, where the larynx and the containing vocal folds were removed (typically due to larynx cancer). The device is held against the throat and its vibrations are transmitted through the neck. Then the patient can create speech by modulating the energy in the vocal tract.

The characteristic of the resulting speech strongly depends on the type of transducer in the electro-larynx. While previous products use an electro-mechanical design it would be beneficial to investigate alternative transducer strategies. In this project we want to parametrize the transducer concerning its transfer properties.

Your Tasks

  • Review of literature
  • Develop comparable measurement procedure
  • Comparison to existing products
  • Documentation

Your Profile/Prerequisites

  • Motivation and interest in the topic
  • Background information in electro-acoustically control and measurement engineering
  • Background information in Matlab and (speech) signal processing


Anna Fuchs ( or 0316/873 4367)