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Statistical Energy Analsysis for Room Acoustics

Master Thesis
Announcement date
08 Apr 2016
Nikolaus Fankhauser
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The following master thesis deals with Statistical Energy Analysis for room acoustics. In the fi rst chapters of the work SEA is introduced and the theory of SEA is described. Based on the energy equations of simple resonators for di erent excitation scenarios, the calculations are extended to coupled systems and it is presented how to determine the energy equations for complex systems. The goal of this thesis is to calculate the energy decay curves (that means temporally dependent and not stationary results) of di erent rooms with SEA: at fi rst the easiest case of a rectangular room is described, then the energy decay curves of coupled rooms are dealt with and in the last experiment a rectangular room containing plates is discussed. Moreover it is shown how the reverberation time of the analysed rooms can be determined based on the decay curves. The three experiments are evaluated by comparing the results with methods used in literature and measurements respectively. Therefore a method is developed that can be used to simulate the reverberation time of rooms.

You can download the full version of the thesis here