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Jamilla Balint

Student Projects
PhD Theses
  • Conference paper Balint J., Fürstner E. & Stavric M. (2022) SOFT TONES – BETWEEN THREE LANGUAGES NEW SPACE IS DISCOVERED. in 2nd International Conference of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade - SmartArt – Art and Science Applied: Experience and Vision (pp. 319-334). [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Stavric M. & Balint J. (2022) Innovative Kommunikationsräume. in DAGA 2022 - 48. Jahrestagung für Akustik (pp. 1022-1025). [more info]
  • Anthology Stavric M., Balint J. & Wiltsche A. (2020) Grenadier Acoustics.. [more info]
  • Journal article Balint J., Muralter F., Nolan M. & Jeong C. (2019) Bayesian decay time estimation in a reverberation chamber for absorption measurements. in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 146(3), p. 1641-1649. [more info] [doi]
  • Brochure Stavric M. & Balint J. (2019) Exhibition Catalogue.. [more info]
  • Anthology Stavric M. & Balint J. (2019) ARCHITECTURAL acoustics EXT... [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Balint J. & Kaiser F. (2018) Multi-exponential decay curves in auditoriums. in Auditorium Acoustics. [more info]
  • Conference paper Jeong C., Nolan M. & Balint J. (2018) Difficulties in comparing diffuse sound field measures and data/code sharing for future collaboration... [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J., Nolan M., Jeong C. & Muralter F. (2018) Energy decay curves in reverberation chambers and the influence of scattering objects on the absorption coefficient.. in Euronoise 2018. [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J. & Graber G. (2018) Gekrümmte Abklingkurven in Hallräumen. in DAGA 2018. [more info]
  • Conference paper Huber V., Godde J. & Balint J. (2018) Hoher Anspruch auf kleinem Raum: Tieffrequente Herausforderungen bei der akustischen Sanierung eines Aufnahmeraumes. in DAGA 2018. [more info]
  • Journal article Fuchs H., Graber G., Hetz S., Kordesch J. & Balint J. (2017) Harte Kanten für klare Worte. in Trockenbau, Akustik , p. 70-73. [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J., Ludwig R. & Graber G. (2017) Vocal effort of teachers in different classrooms. in 173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 8th Forum Acusticum. [more info]
  • Chapter Balint J. (2016) Psychoakustik im Orchester. . [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J., Graber G., Nolan M., Jeong C., Fernadez-Grande E. & Brunskog J. (2016) Decay curves in coupled reverberant spaces. in 22nd International Congress on Acoustics ICA 2016. [more info]
  • Conference paper Kreuzbichler M., Balint J. & Graber G. (2016) Sound propagartion in a reverberation chamber.. [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J., Graber G., Hahn H. & Moczon M. (2015) The influence of agglutinated wood chips on the insertion loss of splitter attenuators.. in Internoise 2015. [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J. & Graber G. (2015) The Equivalent Volume of a Reverberation Chamber. in Deutsche Jahrestagung für Akustik (pp. 1-4). [more info]
  • Conference paper Balint J. & Graber G. (2014) The acoustically effective air volume of a reverberation chamber equipped with suspended diffusors. in Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association (pp. 1-5). [more info]