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Synchronisation for Multipath-assisted Indoor Localization and Tracking

Master Thesis
Announcement date
15 May 2013
Christoph Rüdisser
Research Areas

Short Description

In previous work, multipath assisted indoor localization and tracking (MINT) was introduced as a localization method which is inherently robust to multipath propagation. This is due to the fact that multipath is explicitly used as localization information. However, up to now, base stations (anchors) and mobile have been assumed to be perfectly synchronized. This is not feasible in practice. The goals of this thesis are:

  • Theoretical evaluation of the impact of missing synchronization by use of Cramer-Rao bounds
  • Verification of the results using simulations and possibly measured signals
  • Derivation and analysis of suitable synchronization methods.


[1] Meissner, P. and Witrisal, K.: “Multipath-assisted single-anchor indoor localization in an office environment”, 19th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP), 2012, Vienna.

[2] Witrisal, K. and Meissner, P. “Performance Bounds for Multipath-aided Indoor Navigation and Tracking (MINT)”, International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2012, Ottawa.