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Localization of smart labels

Master Thesis
Announcement date
01 Sep 2017
Franz Lampel
Research Areas

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are used in stores to show not only prices but also other kind of data to the customer, e.g. ingredients of the product (also via NFC). These ESLs are equipped with an e-ink display and a small radio transceiver to communicate and update the device wirelessly.

Location-aware ESLs would enable new applications for customers and the store manager alike. The store manager could check wether the ESLs (and probably also the products) are at the correct place, while the customer could be led to the items on his/her shopping list in an optimal way.

Unfortunately are the current ESLs not able to determine their position in a way, accurate enough to enable these location aware features. In this master’s thesis it is your task to perform wideband measurements, characterize the radio channel, and develop and implement positioning algorithms.

Your Tasks:

  • perform wideband measurments
  • characterize the radio channel
  • develop and implement positioning algorithms

Your profile:

  • motivation and reliability are a prerequisite
  • knowledge of the radio channel is beneficial (Mobile Radio Systems)
  • knowledge in Matlab programming