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Wellenfeldsynthese für Eventbeschallungen

Bachelor Project
Announcement date
09 Mar 2012
Rafael Ludwig
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The present thesis delivers a general overview of what is possible and feasible with the cur-rent developments of wavefield synthesis. At first the notional basics, that form the basis of wavefield synthesis, will be elucidated. Then the advantages, which wavefield synthesis pro-vides in comparison to traditional public address ideas, are indicated. The following chapter is about the limitations when the theory is realized and about the special requirements wavefield synthesis-suitable loudspeakers should fulfill. Furthermore, useful possibilities of application and already realized installations are presented briefly here. Subsequently, sci-ence research institutions and companies that deal with the development for new possibili-ties and products for wavefield synthesis are named. As wavefield synthesis contains also certain disadvantages, the next chapter introduces two new concepts through which those disadvantages can be compensated by using the advantages of stereophony. At last, a con-cept for planning a wavefield synthesis-system at the Opera Graz is presented. The major point hereby is to show what would be theoretically possible and useful. The paper con-cludes with a rough estimation of the costs the project would consume.