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Sound Classification of A Multichannel Auscultation Pad

Bachelor Project
Announcement date
01 Sep 2021
Nadja Hölzl,Benedikt Mayrhofer
Research Areas

Abstract The goal of this thesis was to classify if the new prototype of the auscultation pad is able to perform in a real clinical environment. This outcome was compared to Elmer Messer’s PhD thesis about the first developed prototype. From there we intend to see if the performance of the latest version has been improved. The first step for this project was to gather information about the auscultation pad and the required software. As for understandings about the recording software for the clients use, we wrote a small user manual. Next, we designed a few test scenarios in cooperation with Elmer Messner’s PhD thesis, for the proper classification. Due to the results of the experiments we helped with the development of a new prototype.