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Mehrkanalige Messung von Impulsantworten (Oktober 2007)

Master Project
Announcement date
01 Oct 2007
Luka Mikula
Research Areas


In this project thesis a MATLAB-Tool with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for independent measuring of impulse responses is implemented.

An impulse response and the corresponding frequency response characterise an existing physical system. It is widely used in parts of acoustics (room- and electro-acoustics) as well as in signal processing and electrical engineering.

Because an ideal impulse is impossible to realise and actual impulses have drawbacks like a low signal-to-noise ratio, two different types of sweeps and a MLS sequence are used as excitation signals.

This tool allows the user to simultaneously measure 8 system responses, from which the corresponding impulse responses are computed and displayed.

Full Text and additional Material

You can download the full version of the diploma thesis here.