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Auralisation of the Herz Jesu Church in Graz

Bachelor Project
Announcement date
01 Jan 2010
Carmen Herraiz, Ander Perez Palacios
Research Areas


This project aims to present with help of auralisations, how the architectural conditions of the Herz Jesu Church affect a dry music recording at different positions within the church depending on two different source positions,one at the altar and one at the organ and on two different audience configurations :an empty and a full church.

Firstly, 2 paths along the church were defined and each attached to a different source position. Along each paths, 30 microphone positions were located in order to measure the impulse response “the acoustical fingerprint of the church”.

The impulse response measurement was carried out in an empty church in order to catch the very essential behaviour of the church.

Knowing the impulse responses along both paths, one music piece for each path was auralised, that means, convoluted with the impulse responses of the church along the corresponding path.

The auralisations were carried out in Samplitude, an audio editing software, using an effect called “Room simulator”, which allows the convolution of music with impulse responses.

Changing the Room simulator parameters such as the reverberation time, the auralisation for a full church could be easily carried out.

Finally, two videos were recorded to show the paths and provide the listener with and audiovisual experience that should show how exciting it can be listening to a church.

Full Text & Additional Material

The bachelor thesis can be downloaded here.


As in 2011 the Acoustics and Audio Group moved from the Institute of Broadband Communications (IBK) to the Signal Processing and Speech Communications Laboratory (SPSC), the puplishing location of this thesis also was transfered from the IBK to the SPSC-website.