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Binaural reproduction library

In work
Bachelor Project
Announcement date
11 Oct 2016
Lukas Müllner
Research Areas

The goal of this project is to develop a binaural reproduction software library allowing users to use custom HRTFs. Head Related Transfer Functions provide users wearing headphones with the impression that sound is originating from different locations around them. Playback of arbitrary signals is done using real-time convolution with HRTFs, most commonly using Frequency-Domain filtering and the Overlap-Add algorithm. Your task will be to create a library that implements the aforementioned functionality based on the open source HRTF databases that are available right now, with the option of allowing users to select among different HRTF sets.

Useful Skills:

  • software development C/C++
  • audio signal processing

Learning Outcomes:

  • real-time audio processing
  • implementation of HRTF filtering systems