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Deployment of Ultra-Wideband Indoor Positioning Systems

Master Thesis
Announcement date
07 Mar 2011
Stefan Hinteregger
Research Areas

Short Description

Ultra-wideband (UWB) based indoor positioning systems have received broad attention over the past years. Standardized transmission schemes have been defined and prototype systems have been developed. Nevertheless, as yet, no mass market product has evolved from these concepts. The technology cannot be called proven yet and its performance in a specific application scenario is not clear at all. This motivates this project.

A demonstrator transmitter has been developed in the previous projects, which shall be used in this thesis research to evaluate the potential performance of an indoor positioning system in a specific application scenario. This will be accomplished by performing measurements using the demonstrator transmitter. The performance evaluation will be based on these measurements.

Your Tasks

  • Implement measurements using the UWB demonstrator system
  • Data pre-processing to extract channel impulse response data
  • Analyze measurement data
  • Use (an available) positioning simulator to evaluate the positioning performance

Your Profile/Requirements

  • Signal Processing and basic experience with MATLAB
  • Fundamentals of Digital Communications
  • Mobile Radio Systems (optional)

Additional Information

Cooperation with CISC Semiconductor, Klagenfurt. Payment available.