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Implementation of a UWB Tranceiver for the Audio Channel on a DSP

Master Project
Announcement date
20 Sep 2011
Franz Patz
  • Paul Meissner
  • Andreas Pedroß-Engel
Research Areas


For (ultra-) wide-bandwidth communication and localization systems, the availability of channel measurements is vital both for system design and for performance evaluations. However, the wide bandwidths used require high sampling rates and sophisticated hardware. An elegant low-cost alternative is to use signals in the audio channel instead, the same channel that we use for speech communication. Many relevant propagation phenomena are similar for radio and audio communications [1]. Nevertheless, the reverberant nature of this channel imposes quite some challenges in the implementation.

Based on results obtained in previous projects, the aim of this project is to implement transmitter and receiver modules on our TI DSPs. The
outcome should be a working and extensible demonstrator system that can be used for e.g. channel sounding. If done as a master thesis, possible further work could include implementation of multiband communication schemes or a detailed analysis of the time-variant multipath channel.


  • Modular implementation of transmitter/receiver modules on a TI DSP
  • Verification of the system by channel sounding experiments
  • Thesis: Implement communication schemes or channel analysis


  • Some Matlab knowledge for initial modeling
  • C/C++ for the DSP implementation
  • Interest in wireless propagation


[1] Andersen, J.; Nielsen, J.; Pedersen, G.; Bauch, G. & Herdin, M.: “Room electromagnetics”, Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE, 2007