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Alignment of Laser Measurements for Refractory Modelling

Master Project
Announcement date
15 Feb 2022
Alexander Vordermaier, Daniel Zirat
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** Abstract **

Many process industrial sites make use of refractory material in their procedures. Hence, these refractory materials are exposed to drastic conditions such as extreme heats and are prone to erode or abrase over multiple process cycles. In the case of refractory bricks, the remaining brick thickness is a crucial factor in planning and supervising sequential procedure schedules and knowing when it is time to conduct maintenance work on the refractory material or when to renew it completely. This process interruption and anew initiation of the production site requires a lot of energy and can bene- fit from an analytical evaluation of the remaining brick thickness for better planning. To this end, we investigate the feasibility of aligning laser measurement samples of the process vessel and take a closer look at the behavior of the remaining brick thickness in central areas of the refractory material of the vessel. Additionally, we are going to explore the limits of the alignment technique used by means of augmentation and its effect on the alignment result. We will conclude by showing that the alignment can be proficiently performed for the majority of the samples, but is not optimal for all cases. Finally, the trend of the brick thickness of the aligned data is going to be visualized by a linear regression to assess the remaining lifetime of the brick refractory material.