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Mutual Interference of Digitally Modulated Radars

Master Thesis
Announcement date
18 Oct 2019
Research Areas


Modern cars as well as emerging autonomously driving cars are equipped with a wealth of sensors, including cameras, ultrasonic park sensors, lidar, and radar sensors. The latter are also essential for assisted and autonomous driving, since radar can in principle work also in harsh environments, where e.g. vision-based systems may fail. However, such sensor systems are safety-critical elements in a car, and therefore, the signal processing algorithms have to be made robust to different kinds of external influences, like interference from other car’s radar sensors.

Infineon Technologies and TU Graz are looking for motivated students for theses on the subject of mutual interference mitigation.


  • Signal-level modeling of mutual interference effects in digitally modulated automotive radars (e.g. PMCW, OFDM radar sensors)
  • Implementation of a MATLAB simulation framework and subsequent analysis, focusing on sensor performance degradation due to interference


  • Internship & supervision at Infineon and TU Graz
  • Existing know-how and simulations

Student Profile

  • Master’s program in telematics/electrical engineering/similar
  • Knowledge and interest in
    • Signal processing
    • MATLAB programming