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Characterization of the Scattering Behavior of the Human Body

Master Project
Announcement date
01 Dec 2020
Research Areas

Short Description

In recent years an increasing number of small wearable devices (think about smart–watches) that include RF chips have become available. This results in the necessity to have good knowledge of the influence the human body on the transmitted signals to ensure functionality. In positioning for example, a lost direct path due to body shadowing can destroy any position related information that could be extracted from the transmitted signals. It was already shown that reflections can be used to improve the positioning accuracy by adding some knowledge about the environment.

As the human body can shadow components, the goal of this project is to quantify these effects and incorporate them in a channel model. Within the scope of this project, you start by performing a small measurement campaign to collect signals transmitted between an antenna in close proximity to a user and an antenna separated from the used. After an analysis of the measurements in terms of various signal characteristics a description of the found effects should be investigated.

Key Tasks

  • Perform signal measurements with one antenna in close proximity to a user
  • Evaluate the measurements and analyze various features (received signal strength, delay spread, …)
  • Try extending existing channel models to incorporate your insights

Your Profile

  • Interest in wireless communications, signal modeling and localization
  • Basic knowledge in Matlab programming (Python is possible as well)