Master Theses & Projects

Project Status:


Title Student Supervisor Research Area Announcement Datesort icon
Change Point Detection in Smartphone Usage Christian Knoll Intelligent Systems 27.01.2017
Room acoustic design of a listening room - Raumakustische Planung eines Abhörraums Franz Graf Audio and Acoustics 28.11.2016
Ultrasonic Inspection System Christian Knoll 27.10.2016
Signal processing for automotive radar Klaus Witrisal 18.10.2016
Analyse und Optimierung des akustischen Verhaltens von elektromechanisch verstellbaren Büro-Arbeitstischen Werner Weselak Audio and Acoustics 11.10.2016
Active loudness balance in hear-through systems Georgios Marentakis Audio and Acoustics 11.10.2016
Mobile Multichannel Playback System Georgios Marentakis Audio and Acoustics 11.10.2016
Best Channel Selection for Distant Speech Recognition Martin Hagmüller Speech Communication 03.10.2016
Machine Learning Based Speech Separation Franz Pernkopf Intelligent Systems 01.10.2016
Acoustic Event Detection and Classification Franz Pernkopf Intelligent Systems 01.10.2016
Gradient flow localizer with a miniature microphone array Martin Hagmüller Speech Communication 01.10.2016
Synthesis of disordered voices Speech Communication 28.09.2016
Austrian German Dialogue System Speech Communication 19.09.2016
Disambiguation of homophones in spontaneous German Barbara Schuppler Speech Communication 19.09.2016
Pronunciation Modeling for conversational Austrian German Barbara Schuppler Speech Communication 19.09.2016
Tracking of fundamental frequencies in pathologic voice Speech Communication 13.06.2016
Robust Distance Estimation for Time-of-Flight 3D Image Sensors Klaus Witrisal 22.02.2016
Monitoring for EL Speech Speech Communication 06.11.2015
The Impact of Single Channel Speech Enhancement on Features for Automatic Speech Recognition Speech Communication 15.10.2015
Activity Recognition and Decision Making for Flexible Production Environments 13.10.2015
Machine Translation with Recurrent Neural Networks Martin Ratajczak Intelligent Systems 06.10.2015
Jointly Model Source Separation and Speech Recognition Martin Ratajczak Intelligent Systems 05.10.2015
Building a Prototype of Multipath-assisted Localization Wireless Communications 01.10.2015