SPSC goes Antartica

Result of the Month

Microphone Array

Our lab is responsible for the audio recording of dinner table talk at Concordia station in the Antartica for the European Space Agency sponsored project CAPA (Psychological Status Monitoring by Content Analysis and Acoustic-Phonetic Analysis of Crew Talks and Video Diaries).

Contact: Martin Hagmüller

The Concordia station is run by the French Polar Institute (Institut Paul Emile Victor, IPEV) and the Italian Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA). Concordia is one of the most remote places on earth. In the antarctic winter, which lasts from mid February to mid November, the station cannot be accessed from outside. This means the winter-over team of 10-15 people is locked in the station and has to deal with isolation, sun-light deprivation and other challenges.

Our project analyses the dinner talks and tries to infer the psychological state of the crew members from the speech. The SPSC Lab will be separating the speakers and enhancing the sound quality. At a dinner table of such a size  this will be a very challenging task.

For more information on the analysis see our CAPA project page.

1. October 2014 - 31. October 2014