Raumakustik VO


Course Topics

  • wave theory of room acoustics (sound waves, sound field, basic equations describing sound fields, wave equation, solution of wave equation for plane waves and spherical waves, reflexion of plane waves under orthogonal angle of incidence - reflexion, absorption, wall impedance)
  • statistical room acoustics
  • geometrical room acoustics
  • room acoustic measures
  • absorbers
  • room acoustic process of planning


further Information regarding the exam you will find here. 

Lecture Notes

The latest version of the room acoustics lecture notes is verison 6.0 for academic year 2016/17 (last modified: 2016-09-30), which you get at ÖH-copy-shop, Infeldgasse 10.

The changes from version 5.5 (academic year 2014/15) to version 5.6 are:
     - 2.2.1 Die Pseudomaßeinheiten Neper und Dezibel (ergänzt)
     - Einfluss der Luftdämpfung auf die Nachhallzeit (ergänzt)
     - 3.1.7 Verlängerung des Nachhalls (erweitert)
     - 5.3.6 Sprachübertragungsindes (geändert)
If you have an older Version you can find the changes form version 5.5 to 5.6 here.

Latest corrections for version 5.6.

For improved readability you can download the pages with coloured diagrams and illustrations here.


Education Level: 
Bachelor Level