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Aufnahmetechnik 2 LU

Education level

Lab Topics

Autonomous planning and realization of a recording of a suitable ensemble. It’s possible to do a studio or live recording. Students will do the mixing and mastering of the recording for CD pubilshing.

Students may do this in groups.

Students are required to have attended Aufnahmetechnik 1 lecture and laboratory (KUG/IEM).

More general information regarding the lab topics you will find here.

Lab Report

Besides the actual recording students will have to do a protocol. It should contain information on the following items:

  • when and where was the recording done
  • who recorded whom
  • what was recorded
  • how was it recorded
  • what was the initial intention of the recording, how do the results compare to them

The protocol has to be delivered together with the final media file.
Exemplary protocols can be found in the download section.

Aims and Objectives

Students will learn how to organize and realize a recording project of medium difficulty.


Exemplary lab reports: report 1 report 2 report 3