Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory
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Course name Term Edu. level Lecturers
Visiting Lecture Course: Experimental Methods in Phonetics Winter 2019 Bachelor, Master, PhD Barbara Schuppler
Adaptive Systems Winter Master Gernot Kubin, Thomas Wilding, Pejman Mowlaee Beikzadehmahaleh
Advanced Signal Processing 1 and 2 Winter PhD Klaus Witrisal, Franz Pernkopf
Advanced Studio Technology Winter Bakk Gerhard Graber
Akustische Messtechnik LU Winter Master Werner Weselak, Jamilla Balint
Akustische Messtechnik VO Winter Bakk Werner Weselak
Audio Signal Processing Applications Summer Master Martin Hagmüller
Aufnahmetechnik 2 LU Summer Master Gerhard Graber
Bachelor Projekte am SPSC Summer Bakk Thorsten Rohde, Werner Magnes, Franz Graf, David Fischer, Klaus Witrisal, Werner Weselak, Jamilla Balint, Georgios Marentakis, Franz Pernkopf, Martin Hagmüller, Gerhard Graber
Computational Intelligence SEW Summer Bakk Guillaume Bellec, Anand Subramoney, Franz Pernkopf, Christian Knoll
Computational Intelligence Summer Bakk Franz Pernkopf, Anand Subramoney, Guillaume Bellec, Christian Knoll
Das IKT Zeitalter: Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik als Kunst, Wissenschaft und Alltagskultur Winter AddCours Gernot Kubin
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Winter Master Thomas Wilding, Christian Knoll, Josef Kulmer, Franz Pernkopf
Digitale Audiotechnik Labor Summer Bakk David Fischer, Werner Magnes
Digitale Audiotechnik Winter Bakk N.N
Elektroakustik LU Summer Master Werner Weselak
Elektroakustik UE Summer Bakk Georgios Marentakis, Werner Weselak
Elektroakustik VO Summer Bakk Werner Weselak
Everything you always wanted to know about gender, nature and technology ... but were afraid to ask: An introduction to Gender Studies in STEM Winter AddCours N.N.
Fundamentals of Digital Communications Winter Bakk Stefan Grebien, Klaus Witrisal
How to Publish a Scientific Paper Winter PhD Andreas Läßer
Masterseminar-TI / Toningenieur-Masterarbeiten am SPSC Winter Master Klaus Witrisal, Michael Pucher, Franz Pernkopf, Gernot Kubin, Martin Hagmüller, Gerhard Graber, Werner Weselak
Mixed-Signal Processing Systems Design Winter Master Christian Vogel
Mobile Radio Systems Winter Master Klaus Witrisal
Nonlinear Signal Processing Summer Master Gernot Kubin, Christian Knoll
Privatissimum Summer PhD Gerhard Graber, Klaus Witrisal, Franz Pernkopf, Gernot Kubin
Raumakustik LU Winter Bakk Jamilla Balint, Franz Graf
Raumakustik UE Winter Bakk Jamilla Balint
Raumakustik VO Winter Bakk Gerhard Graber, Werner Weselak
Selected Topics Signal, Biosignal and Speech Processing: Information-Theoretic System Analysis and Design Winter Master Bernhard Geiger
Signal Processing Summer Bakk Johannes Stahl, Anna Katharina Fuchs, Josef Kulmer, Michael Rath
Signalprozessortechnik Winter Master Werner Magnes
Signaltransformationen Summer Bakk Josef Kulmer, Klaus Witrisal
Source Coding Theory Summer Master Christian Feldbauer
Speech Communication 1 Winter Master Pejman Mowlaee Beikzadehmahaleh
Speech Communication 2 Summer Master Franz Pernkopf
Speech Communication Laboratory Summer Master Franz Pernkopf, Martin Hagmüller
Spoken language in human and human-computer dialogue Summer Master Barbara Schuppler
Studiogerätekunde LU Winter Bakk Gerhard Graber
Studiogerätekunde VO Winter Bakk Thorsten Rohde
Studiomesstechnik VU Winter Bakk Wolfgang Truppe, Georgios Marentakis
Technische Akustik VO Summer Master Werner Weselak
The ICE Age: The History of Information and Communications Engineering as an Art, Science, and Pervasive Culture Winter AddCours Gernot Kubin
Theoretical Acoustics Winter Master Holger Waubke
Toningenieur-Projekt am SPSC Summer Master Werner Magnes, Thorsten Rohde, Werner Weselak, Jamilla Balint, Franz Graf, David Fischer, Georgios Marentakis, Gerhard Graber
Verfassen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten Winter Bakk Franz Pernkopf, Klaus Witrisal, Barbara Schuppler
Visiting Lecture Course: Advanced Information Theory Winter PhD Gernot Kubin
Visiting Lecture Course: Convex Opimization Winter PhD Gernot Kubin
Visiting Lecture Course: GPU Computing Winter PhD Gernot Kubin, Manfred Mücke
Visiting Lecture Course: Signal processing, phonetic analysis automation and Praat scripting Summer PhD Barbara Schuppler
Visiting Lecture Course: Speaker Recognition: Principles and Practicalities Winter PhD Gernot Kubin