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Digitale Audiotechnik

Education level


  1. AD/DA Conversion (Multibit-Converter, Delta-Sigma Converter)
  2. storing of digital audio data, digital audio data formats and coding methods of CD, DVD, and harddisk systems
  3. digital and network communications protocols for audio applications (AES/EBU, AES67, …)
  4. perception-fitted source coding in audio (sub-band coding, spectral coding, hybrid coder, MPEG audio formats)

Aims and Objectives

Students who passed this lecture are able to

  • understand analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion of audio signals and to do some related calculations
  • comprehend the functional principle of electronic storage formats and of electronic communications protocols
  • sketch basic principles of perception fitted source coding in digital audio


Signalprocessing lecture and problem class


further Information regarding the exam you will find here.

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