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Elektroakustik LU

Education level

Lab topics

  • Electrical and acoustical measurements with loudspeakers
  • design of closed and vented loudspeaker boxes (single chamber) and test of calculated box parameters by measurements
  • simulation of closed and vented boxes as well as simple electrical crossovers

Aims and Objectives

Target of the lab practical is to enhance the knowledge in room acoustics and electro acoustics.
After having attended the course the students know the basic methods of modern loudspeaker measurement and simulation. They understand how to calibrate PC-based measurement systems and how to measure as well as interpret the impedance response, the freefield sound-pressure response and the directional characteristics of loudspeakers. They are able to determine the Thiele/Small-parameters from two impedance responses by using the classical method (method with added mass or method with added volume respectively).
Additionally the students know how to design and simulate closed and vented loudspeaker systems.

Organizational Info

Enrollment to the Lab via TUGonline, LV 441.051.
Be advised to enroll for the chosen group directly. In exceptions you may write an email to Dr. Werner Weselak.

Lab notes are available for purchase in ÖH-Shop, Infeldgasse 10. It is expected that you have worked through the lab notes covering the respective lab session. At the beginning of each session there will be a short test on the respective lab materials.