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Studiogerätekunde LU

Education level

Lab Topics

Hands-on practice of predefined tasks in the SPSC’s recording studio to deepen the knowledge attained in Studiogerätekunde VO.

  • practice on the Lawo mc²66 studio console
  • configuration for standard tasks
  • configuration and cabling of external studio devices
  • basic harddisk-recording project

A more detailed overview on the content and structure of the 5 laboratory units you can find in the “Laboratory Guideline”. This document is mandatory for all laboratory participants.

The “Studiohandbuch” contains an overview about the installation of the entire studio equipment and its usage. This is the second mandatory document for all laboratory participants. In addition the “Studiohandbuch” should also serve as a source for a quick re-entry into the system when working independently in the studio.

Aims and Objectives

Students will be able to use the entire studio equipment on their own. They will be able to make the necessary connections and configurations.


Studiohandbuch 1.7.pdf