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Digitale Audiotechnik Labor

Education level

Lab Topics

Students will implement basic algorithms used in digital signal processing and digital audio engineering on an Analog Devices ADSP EZ-KIT to deepen their knowledge attained in both lectures “Signalprozessortechnik” and “Digitale Audiotechnik 1”.

Aims and Objectives

Having passed this lab, students will be familiar with the DSP architecture of the used device, such as the interface connecting the audio codec to the dsp core, the interaction between binary number representations, the arithmetic unit, memory management and the existing hardware parallelization and efficient address generation for the purpose of optimized programming of real-time audio algorithms.

Students will be able to program and adapt digital filters, digital reverb and digital audio effects like flanger and chorus according to their needs.


Knowledge of the discussed topics of the following lectures and courses is expected:

  • Signal Processing
  • Signalprozessortechnik
  • Digitale Audiotechnik 1
  • Algorithmen in Akustik und Computermusik 1

Lab Documents

See TUGOnline Link to DAT 1 LAB further down