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Signal Processing

Education level

Lecture (2.0 VO)

This lecture is built up on the courses ‘Signal Transforms’ and ‘System Dynamics’/’Control Systems 1’ and covers discrete-time signals and systems, as well as signal processing algorithms:

  • Discrete-time systems in the time and frequency domains
  • Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • Fast convolution
  • Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT)
  • Sampling and signal reconstruction
  • z-transform
  • Multi-rate signal processing and sampling rate conversion

The course notes as recorded during lecture presentation in previous years are available for downlaod in the TeachCenter (login required; link below).


In order to register for the exam follow a standard procedure at TUGraz online


Starting with 6 March 2024, the written exam will consist of four equally weighted analytical problems, i.e., each problem will account for 25% of the achievable points. This exam can serve as a reference for your preparation. As has been until now, the problems will be similar in content and style to the problems covered in the problem classes, resp. to the analytical problems of the previous exams. The duration of the exam will be three hours unchanged.


We frequently observe that students simply try to memorize solutions to previous exams, which almost surely leads to failure at the exam due to a lack of understanding. The strongly advise that the provided exams sould be used to confirm whether some topic has been understood, not to learn the actual material.

You are allowed/not allowed to use the following material during the exam:

  • A simple calculator. Alphanumerical calculators (such as TI-92, TI-89, TI Voyage and similar) are NOT allowed!
  • Mathematical formularies or handbooks (e.g. Bartsch or Bronstein) are NOT allowed!
  • You are provided with a collection of signal processing formulas during the exam. This collection can be downloaded here. We advise you to have a look at this collection before the exam.
  • Pencil, biro, pen, … (different colors), ruler, etc., but NO PAPER! You will be provided with paper during the exam.
  • A drink and maybe a small snack.

A remark on cheating: We advise you NOT to use any other material. Note that no jackets, no rucksacks, no bags, etc. are allowed in the vicinity of your desk during the exam. Cheaters wont be graded and wont be allowed to repeat the exam within 90 days (“Reprobationsfrist”).

Old Exam Mode: The written exam consists of five theoretical single-choice questions (20%), some analytical short tasks (20%) and two major analytical problems (2*30%=60%). The duration is three hours. Below we provide examples of previous exams as a reference for exam preparation.

Exam Date PDF File
24.09.2021 PDF File
30.04.2021 PDF File
28.10.2020 PDF File
08.05.2020 PDF File

Problem Classes (1.0 UE)

In order to register for the problem classes follow a standard procedure at TUGraz online. Course information and material is provided via the TU Graz TeachCenter (only for enrolled participants).