Elektroakustik VO


Lecture (2 VO) Topics

  • electromechanical and electroacoustical analogues
  • modeling of electroacoustic transducders considering the electrical the mechanical and acoustical domain
  • mathematical descriptions of the soundfield of a piston source
  • description of different kinds of microfones and their basic parameters
  • description of the electordynamic loudspeaker in different housings and developement of the construction rules
  • Webster equation and the design of conical and elliptical horns


Aims and Objectives

The students are able to

  • use electromechanical and electroacoustical analogues with piezo-, electrodynamic- and dielectric transducers
  • calculate the impedance and directivity of the soundfield of a piston source
  • to understand and describe different microphone types concerning their type of construction, directivity and frequency response
  • describe and calculate typical micorphone disturbing signals
  • understand the principals of closed and vented boxes with electrodynamic transducers and can calculate these housings
  • understand the theory of the horn-equation (webster-equation) and can calculate conical and exponential horns


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Lecture notes

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