Audio Signal Processing Applications (was: Digitale Audiotechnik 2)




  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Active Noise Control
  • Digital Audio Restoration
  • Pitch Analysis / Processing (Automatic Transcription)
  • Noise Reduction
  • Speech/Audio Quality Assessment
  • Disordered Voice Evaluation/Enhancement
  • Hearing Aids

Lecture Slides:

topic date Slides
Introduction 2017-03-09 pdf
Acoustic Echo Cancellation - Adaptive Filters 2017-03-16 pdf
Acoustic Echo Cancellation - Processing Structures 2017-03-23 pdf
Acoustic Echo Cancellation - Control Algorithms 2017-03-30 pdf
Dereverberation, Pitch Estimation 2017-04-06 pdf  pdf
Disordered Voice Enhancement 2017-04-27 pdf
Hearing Aids 2017-05-04 pdf mp3
Lossless Audio Compression
Cochlear implants 1
2017-05-11 pdf 
Cochlea Implants 2 2017-05-18 pdf
Click Reduction
Differential microphone arrays
2017-06-01 pdf
Beamforming 2017-06-08 pdf
Active noise control 2017-06-14 pdf
Binaural CASA
Neural Networks  
2017-06-29  pdf


The exam is oral and is held on demand.


It is possible to substitute the examination by a seminar presentation (about 45 min) and a written report (10-15 pages). In this case attendance is compulsory (at least 50%).

Presentations from Previous Years:

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Master Level