The Architecture of the Inhuman. A dialogue with machines


The Architecture of the Inhuman. A dialogue with machines

Since 1990, the annual Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence awards the most human-like Chatterbots worldwide. Using Alan Turing papers as a basis and the Turing test as a standard for judging, humans decide which answers are the most ‘human like’, bringing back the question "Can a Machine Think?" while measuring the intellect of the machines. Together with machine vision and speech recognition, seemingly simple chatterbots, are the important part of an “ideal intelligent machine”. Current promise is that artificial intelligence will become very present in architecture supporting the working process, solving the problems that would take days, making environment simulations and analysis of the spatial network on many levels. However, the course ‘The Architecture of Inhuman. A dialogue with machines’ is not interested in teaching new tools nor programming a software. The course aims to understand the computational logic, question the premises of its production and implementation and thus building new tools for understanding the contemporarity.

Lecturer: Dejan Marković

Guests: Prof. Dr. Corinna Bath, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maass, Dr. Barbara Schuppler

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Education Level: 
Master Level