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Nonlinear Methods for Speech Enhancement
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Christina Leitner was born in Linz, Austria, in October 1982. She attended the Georg von Peuerbach Gymnasium in Linz and graduated with main focus on languages. In 2001, she started studying "Electrical Engineering and Sound Engineering", a joint study at Graz University of Technology and University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz. Her studies included a one year stay at University of Technology in Compiegne, France.

Her diploma thesis "Data-based Automatic Phonetic Transcription" was conducetd at SPSC. One outcome of the diploma thesis is a demonstrator for automatic phonetic transcription with high degree of detail. In October 2008, she received her diploma degree with distinction. The results of the diploma thesis were presented at LREC 2010 with the paper entitled "Example-Based Automatic Phonetic Transcription".

Since December 2008, she has been working at SPSC. Her position is part of the national research network SISE (Signal and Information Processing in Science and Engineering). The research topic of her PhD thesis is speech enhancement using machine learning techniques. She investigated the useage of kernel PCA for speech enhancement and derived a method called pre-image iterations. In July 2013, she finished her PhD thesis with the title "Kernel PCA and Pre-Image Iterations for Speech Enhancement".

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Her research interests include but are not limited to machine learning, speech processing, automatic speech recognition, automatic phonetic transcription and linguistics.

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