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Benjamin Deutschmann

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Telephone number
  • office: +43 316 873 - 4368
Research Associate
Research interests

Current research interests include wireless localization and power transfer with large aperture indoor arrays.

Student Projects
  • Conference paper Deutschmann B., Graber M., Wilding T. & Witrisal K. (2023) Bistatic MIMO Radar Sensing of Specularly Reflecting Surfaces for Wireless Power Transfer. in 48th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Fascista A., Deutschmann B., Keskin M., Wilding T., Coluccia A., Witrisal K., Leitinger E., Seco-Granados G. & Wymeersch H. (2023) Uplink Joint Positioning and Synchronization in Cell-Free Deployments with Radio Stripes. in International Conference on Communications: Sustainable Communications for Renaissance (pp. 1330-1336). [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Deutschmann B., Wilding T., Graber M. & Witrisal K. (2023) XL-MIMO Channel Modeling and Prediction for Wireless Power Transfer. in International Conference on Communications: Sustainable Communications for Renaissance (pp. 1355-1361). [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Nelson C., Li X., Wilding T., Deutschmann B., Witrisal K. & Tufvesson F. (2023) Large Intelligent Surface Measurements for Joint Communication and Sensing. in 2023 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit (pp. 228-233). [more info]
  • Conference paper Wilding T., Deutschmann B., Nelson C., Li X., Tufvesson F. & Witrisal K. (2023) Propagation Modeling for Physically Large Arrays: Measurements and Multipath Component Visibility. in 2023 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit (pp. 204-209). [more info]
  • Chapter Mesodiakaki A., Rahman A., Barrachina S., Deutschmann B., Ghafouri N., Gonzalez R., Kokkinos P., Merluzzi M., Payaró M., Polyzois S., Ramantas K., Scheuvens L., Selva E., Siracusano G., Upadhya K., Perre L., Vardakas J., Varvarigos E., Verikoukis C., Wilding T., Witrisal K. & Wunderer S. (2023) Towards sustainable networks. 37 p.. [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Deutschmann B., Wilding T., Larsson E. & Witrisal K. (2022) Location-based Initial Access for Wireless Power Transfer with Physically Large Arrays. in 2022 IEEE International Conference on Communications (pp. 127-132). [more info]
  • Other contribution Behmanesh B., Deutschmann B., Edfors O., Frenger P., Ganesan U., Helmersson K., Larsson E., Liu L., Pollin S., Ranjbar V., Rimalapudi S., Rivas J., Shaik Z., Viera J., Wilding T. & Witrisal K. (2022) Analytical Performance Metrics and Physical-Layer Solutions.. [more info] [doi]
  • Other contribution Edfors O., Brazil R., Petautschnig H., Callebaut G., Feys T., Perre L., Larsson E., Edfors O., Fitzgerald E., Liu L., Sanchez J., Tärneberg W., Frenger P., Deutschmann B., Wilding T. & Witrisal K. (2022) Initial assessment of architectures and hardware resources for a RadioWeaves infrastructure.. [more info] [doi]
  • Journal article Grosinger J., Deutschmann B., Zoscher L., Gadringer M. & Amtmann F. (2022) HF RFID Tag Chip Impedance Measurements. in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 71. [more info] [doi]
  • Other contribution Truskaller M., Fabrete L., Stanek A., Delabie D., Perre L., Larsson E., Rimalapudi S., Fitzgerald E., Tufvesson F., Edfors O., Reial A., Deutschmann B., Witrisal K., Wilding T., Vandeweerd I., Borrmann M., Mühlmann U. & Esteban J. (2021) Use case-driven specifications and technical requirements and initial channel model.. [more info] [doi]
  • Conference paper Deutschmann B., Gadringer M., Fischbacher R., Görtschacher L., Amtmann F., Merlin E., Muehlmann U. & Grosinger J. (2021) Calibration Method for an RF I-V Based HF RFID Impedance Measurement System. in 97th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference: Conducted and Ota Measurement Challenges for Urban, Rural and SatComm Connectivity (pp. 1-4). [more info] [doi]